Week11: Focus on Asian Public Relations Management

I think this chapter is extremely interesting because it relates to me since Singapore is part of Asia. I agree to the point which states the importance of of understanding and engaging with the sociocultural in a global and regional sense in order to act effectively (Sriramesh, 2004). Public Relations is important because we need to rely on other countries such as China, which has a strong economic position to boost our own economy. Therefore, every country is dependent on each other and we count of public relations to maintain these good ties with one organisation from another. However, challenges may arise as well. language barrier, control of the internet are some possible factors that may pose as hurdles in communication. As what Hung & Chen (2004) had mentioned, there is a more valuable opinion-forming mechanism in Asia as compared to the West.

However, I feel that even within Asian countries, the media law is different as well. Therefore, the extent to which news can be published varies as well. Of all the countries which I have read about, I feel that Japan is the most unique place and if given a chance, I would like to gain some working experience there. Being the world's biggest circulation news media, a lot of organisations engage in advertising rather than public relations. However, they have the Public Relations Society of Japan. Members of this society are exclusively selected as unlike their neighbouring countries such as South Korea and Taiwan, they do not have a broad availability of scholarships. Due to the reluctance of Japanese businesses and Governments to outsource major specialists such as media relations, it is a challenge to be a Public Relations practitioner there. Therefore, I think this is a good opportunity to experience a different kind of working environment.

All in all, I feel that the readings are really useful and it gives me examples and detailed explanation about Public Relations. With that, I have a deeper understanding of the expectations of Public Relations.


Upon reading, I feel that of all the points listed, a media release is the most important because it can reach out to many people at one go. Public Relations practitioners can save a lot of time. As for the elements (Tymson, 2006) had listed, I feel that the correct angle is the most important cause it actually determines if the piece of media release article is newsworthy. This reading is good in the sense that it is extremely useful to us as we do our assignment. We can always use this as a guide to follow.

Yes, we must always follow the structure of a media release:

In my opinion, although the headline is short, it is one of the most important elements because it is at the beginning and it somehow is the element that attracts readers to continue reading. Therefore, an interesting, short and sweet headline is vital to the success of a media release.

It is also good that an example of a media release was shown as it allows students like us to connect and understand how to write a media release. I feel that we can always ask close friends of ours to check our piece of writing before confirming it as a piece of media release as they may be able to give us good comments and advice as to how to improve it.

Overall, everyone has their own style of writing a media release. What really matters is the grasp of a good angle and most importantly, we should follow the structure of a media release.


Finally reached the end of all the readings. I feel that although the readings take up quite some time, the readings are beneficial to us in the long run as it allow us to be able to comprehend theories, guides better and understand this whole module at a more in depth level. This blog reminds us to be more consistent in our readings and I feel that it is a good tool for us to voice our own opinions and also seek friends' useful comments. (:


  1. Depending on the nature of the campaign, the media release need to be altered accordingly. Though there may be suggestion/ templated provided, altering the media release in accordance to the campaign/ event adds a personal touch to it, making it feels less of a "hard-sell" technique. =)

  2. I agree with what you said about Singapore relying on China to boost it's economy. China is certainly one of the largest growing country with a strong economy. Thus, have ties with china and maintaining a good relationship with them will certainly help Singaporeans.

  3. Media release has more pros than cons!
    It's amazing that press releases are able to build an organization's branding without spending much - it's an inexpensive way to get free publicity. Next advantage would be credibility - The press release can also help an organization to gain credibility. Potential consumers will start to see you as an expert in your field! :D

  4. hi jayne :) sorry for the delay! i couldnt find ur blog link! hahas!

    hmm, perhaps the main challenge would be that Asian countries differs quite a lot in terms of cultural context? so for a company who's trying to build their reputation across, say 10 asian countries they might need 10 different sets of PR strategies and tactics. ha!