Week5: Public Relations Practice (Part2)

For this chapter, it is mainly about the role of public relations practitioners. I feel that being a public relations practitioner is quite beneficial as the expectations of PR actually makes one a more organised person. From the readings, it is stated that public relations thinking is documented as a plan or a program and planning is definitely required. The act of planning leads to actions, which leads to results. I think this can be applied to us in our life as well. We need to do constant planning and take appropriate actions in order to obtain and achieve what we want in like. Therefore, we can witness that there is great interdependence between a good PR practitioner and an organised person.

I agree to the point that actions are guided by our values. According to Featherston (1995), people are engaged in an ongoing process of observation, interpretation, prediction, and control of their external environment. During this process, values are created and people usually do things that they see as only right to do it.

I particularly like the Day-to-day challenges and pressures section as I think that it really applies to our future regardless of the job we are taking. The good relationships, processes, time management, budgets, being proactive and ensuring the happiness of both clients and managers etcetera. However, I feel that the point to be "open to opnions/suggstions/advice" has been left out as not everyone in today's society is able to accept criticisms or are open enough to accept people's opinions that may be a step to improvement. Some may feel that they are always right and that they do not have to change themselves for the sake of others.

The case study on Mindarie Regional Council is a good guide to me as they used the partnership approach, which further proves the need for bringing in the community in order to get things done.

Practice makes things perfect.


  1. Wow Jayne! I didn't know you were the challenging sort of person! But it is a good attitude that you like to face challenges as it will make you a stronger person and teach you how to adapt to different situation. Great post by the way!

  2. Yes Jayne, our actions are guided by our values. I agree only to a certain extent. In the context of PR, sometimes our values have to be compromised because of the situation our job provides. I guess at times, it may not be that PR people want to be unethical but maybe their employers give them no choice.

    Now's your turn to comment on mine!! GOGOGOGO!!!