Week1: Introduction

It is the first lesson this week! Personally, I'm really interested in this module. However, I'm not exactly sure on what is public relations all about and I guess this is the time when I can finally find out more about it and see if I'm really interested. All along, I only know that public relation is about getting to know, working with different people all the time. I like the idea of getting to meet different people cause it is quite different from the mundane jobs in the society. However, I also heard that it is not an easy job cause besides meeting different people, people in PR have to deal with all the complaints from people and all. This may be kinda stressful in the long run. Therefore, I am going to take this opportunity to see if my interest lasts. We were told to introduce ourselves and also, share about what we intend to do in future. I also found out what is the main difference between advertising and public relations. Really quite glad upon hearing that we do not need to memorise definitions and all from books and it is more of understanding the topic. The module seems fun and I'm definitely looking forward to know more about public relations. Well, first lesson is always a brief yet good introduction of the module.

Till then!


  1. Great comment on the introductory lesson on Public Relations. I believe this module will aid you in broadening your understanding towards Public Relations. As for the differences, I feel that advertising is geared towards selling one's product in the most lucrative and attractive manner, while Public Relations is reaching out to the public to generate interest and positive impression. Have an enjoyable time learning more on the aspects and challenges of Public Relations!

  2. I used to work at a call centre, providing customer service, and had a taste of how handling people would be like. Simply being able to interact and talk to people is not as easy as it appears. Some people can be extremely demanding and can cause you to be at your wit ends if you are unable to satisfy their demands. However, with a passion for your job, and striving for customer satisfaction, I believe you will still be able to make it in this field despite it being fraught with difficulties along the way.