Week3: Theoretical Context (Pt1)

During lecture, we have learnt about media relation. Media relation is actually a sub-field of Public Relations. Also, there are different tactics and I realised that the choice of tactic is really essential because it is actually the force that leads us to obtain our objectives and ultimately, reach our goals. However, there are both uncontrolled and controlled tactics as well. We were asked to look our for new and feature story from PR for our next lesson. I did not know about the difference between these two at first and now I know that feature story tends to emphasize more on things that interest people or products that are unusual and not widely known. I find it quite amazing that Public Relations practitioners have to use different angles to accommodate to different types of medium. Also, good Public Relations practitioners should be able to use different angles as a strategy to put their important message across effectively cause different mediums have different types of readers and as PR people, we need to know this aspect very well. Once again, trust was emphasized as the relationship between media and PR is very important. It is funny when Ms Tanya told us that Public Relation practitioners have to always give in to journalists and also, get into their good books as they have to rely on journalists. Undeniably, I really wonder if I am able to bear with someone whom I do not share the same views just for the sake of being professional. Well, that is a challenge in this line and we should always be positive about challenges.

During lecture, we were told to study another case study. This time, it is about promoting healthy food to busy people cause they always skip their meals in the midst of their hectic lifestyle. Somehow, it is really something we should look into as it is not good to skip meals as it will affect our body. We were told to identify the Goals, objectives, strategy and tactics. I was quite confused between strategy and tactic again. Then I realised, the strategy is for them to increase media coverage in order to let more people know about this healthy packed lunch, the benefits of it, the risks of skipping meals and all while the tactic is the actions taken according to their strategy. They invited Sports celebrities to be ambassador of their campaigns, created a website etcetera. Ms Tanya also shared with us a case study about OCD (Organizing Chaos Daily). It is really interesting cause this girl is the first person who set up this business in Singapore. It is through the different angles for mediums that she became so successful. Through different angles, she managed to grasp the vital points to attract readers and I think this is something that we should all learn cause it is a very useful skill. It is because of her being able to do so that she is saving a lot in advertising cause practically different mediums are writing about her business. Next, we were told to try writing a press release. Somehow, it is quite different from the usual press release we did for other modules. We have to know what is our main focus before typing and not simply put recent activities in front.

As for the readings:Theoretical Context
I have always thought that learning theories are a waste of time and effort cause it consist of merely words and I usually cannot connect to it. However, upon reading, I have realised thad theories are not useless, but in fact, extremely beneficial to us. It is true that learning theories actually helps us to predict outcomes, develop strategies and tactics that are essential. Also, I find cybernetics quite important because feedback and appropriate adjustments should always be the concern of a PR in order to improve the image of clients. Moving on, grasping communication theories is also part of Public Relations as we need to know communication theories in order to effectively communicate with the public. We should always be aware that models such as the transmission model is no longer as applicable as it was in the past because people are now more educated and thus, they have a wider range of perspectives which brings feedback. I find the point stated about the Excellence Theory really interesting. I cannot agree more to the point that excellent public relations have a participative rather than authoritative organisational cultures. This is something that most organisations should learn from as it really helps to boost not only the image of the company but also, the entire working environment. Once again, trust was stated in the readings and this only goes to show that trust is really vital in relationship management. Cultural theory is also something PRs shouldt ake into account. This is so as different countries, different organisations have their own distinct set of beliefs. By understanding this theory, practitioners can then be more aware of the way they should handle authority and power.
All in all, communication theories set a guideline for Public Relations practitioners to follow and ensure that they can carry out their professionalism effectively.


  1. I thought your point about reading was interesting in that when you realized learning theories are actually helpful to make us to understand more about lecture. :) this one is very helpful to understand !!

  2. It seems like you have learned a great deal on theories from the reading! I am particularly supportive of your point regarding excellence theory and how it removes authoritative cultures and introduced participative engagement. It is vital that the working environment is built on trust and relationship. This can only benefit PR practices in relationship management.