Week2: Applying theory to practice

It's the second official week for this module, learnt about quite a few things during lecture. This includes setting goals and objectives, then thinking of strategies and lastly, implementing tactics to conduct campaigns to advertise. Basically we've learnt about the things we should take note when planning and also, even after planning, we have to constantly monitor and evaluate our strategic public relation plan. I find the SWOT analysis really useful and interesting cause it's the first time I heard of it. Personally, I feel that knowing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threatens are important in almost everything and this does not only apply to research results. Also, one has to be realistic in setting targets such as goals and objectives as it has to be definitely what we want to achieve in the end.

As for tutorial, we have a debate to start working on. My team will be the first team to do the debate and our topic is about ethics. I find this topic quite interesting as we are bound to be exposed to such dilemma in future if we are working in this field. Also, we went through a SARS case study. Trust is indeed a fundamental trait that we should have or should work towards gaining as it definitely makes things work out. It was due to the open communication that Singapore practiced during this crisis that enabled us to fight the battle, not alone but with the cooperation of everyone. Besides that, we went through different case studies that we have came across while browsing the website. The case study that I thought was interesting was the Doodle for Google one as I feel that the tactics they have implemented are really brilliant and I am sure that this is due to their good planning and clear goals and objectives that they have set. There is also another case study about Breaking the Cycle of Child Abuse and Neglect. The Abuse Child Trust is a leading non-governtment group that is trying to break this cycle. As we can see from their name, they are trying to position Trust as a credible, well-informed and reliable source in bringing their message across. They used true life stories and tried to get them published on newspapers. Also, in depth research was done. Upon being exposed to more case studies, I feel that having a goal is a must as it is something that we can work towards to and it is only through having a form goal that we brainstorm about ideas and strategies to reach and obtain that particular goal.

Lesson 2 was indeed enriching as the things that I have learnt definitely makes me a more organised person.
Chase your goal
aim high, but aim realistically


  1. Yeah, SWOT and SMART are really useful in our objective setting! It gives a guideline to ensure that planning does not become far fetch and unattainable!

    It's rather interesting to debate among the classmates, and make a better understanding of the subject. it requires less dependency on the lecture, but also encourage discussion and infor sharing!


  2. It is a good way to construct ideas alongside with SWOT by brainstorming. I believe that it is essential to have holistic planning for a successful PR.

    Case studies are also important learning points for ideas and PR that works. Nice insight/examples from case studies.

  3. I do agree with you trust is integral. At this point of our module studies, trust is like a pillar of foundation in the practice of PR.

    I do wished that you had provided more back ground information like the links of the case studies as they do look rather interesting.
    Thank you!

    - ZR